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2" faux wood white mini blinds, 39 7/8"W x 22"H
Furniture, Furnishings & Decorations
Home Decoration
Window Shades, Venetian Blinds or Indoor Shutters (638)
Ristal, Inc    
2" Express Faux Wood Blinds
I was taking down a set of 2" custom cut mini blinds so I could paint the window trim. You have to push up on the bracket that houses the ends of the blind's headrail in order to open the bracket and slide out the headrail. I had the right side bracket open and was trying to open the left one when the headrail slipped out of the bracket on the right. The edge of the headrail landed on my right wrist, causing a 2" long laceration and exposing tendons and my wrist bone. I received approximately 20 stitches (10 external, I was not informed how many internal stitches were required), and may have nerve damage. These blinds were custom cut to fit our window and the edge of the headrail is very sharp where thy were cut to size. One of the EMTs who responded to my 911 call even commented on how sharp it was.
Injury→Injury, Emergency Department Treatment Received
47 years
I have contacted customer service by e-mail and phone. They have not contacted me, other than to reply to a review I left on

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