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Walmart - Great Value Brand - 4 BR30 Floodlight, Energy Saver Halogen Bulbs, 40 Watt -65 watt equivalent, Life 2000 hours
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Indoor Lighting
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Walmart Stores Inc.    
Great Value
Item No: Q40BR30/ES/4/GV
This form quit on me unexpectedly in the process of filling it out, not sure if you have a partial of this report already- therefore Redoing this form,
Walmart Great Value BR30 Floodlight, 40 watt, energy Saver Halogen light bulb - installed in my kitchen light recently. The outside glass part of the light bulb just popped and exploded all over the kitchen and eating area with great force, shards of glass everywhere, this is dangerous, as normally my daughter and I would be sitting underneath that very light bulb, eating and doing homework. That light bulb was installed directly over the edge of the kitchen island and chairs where my daughter normally sits.

The halogen light part is still working and in the light socket but there is no glass housing. It is unclear how I will be able to uninstall that light fixture as it was installed with a suction cup-pole as the ceilings are high.

The pop-explosion is dangerous. We could have been injured by the exploding glass -it was very forceful and glass shards were strewn across 2 rooms.
Incident, No Injury
My Child
6 years

Incident, No Injury
41 years
emailed this product incident at the website
Comment from Walmart Stores Inc. 2/5/2015
Please contact the Walmart Customer Service Hotline at 1.800.925.6278
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IMG_9446.JPG Flood light box bottom upc code
IMG_9447.JPG Flood Light broken glass
IMG_9448.JPG Flood light bulb in socket working without the glass surround
IMG_9445_redact.jpg Flood light box front

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