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Restoration hardware "Jourdan" baby crib in buttercream. Wooden, with "distressed paint" detailing for aesthetics.
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Restoration Hardware baby and child
Jourdan baby crib Item#102200 VBCM finish: vintabe buttercr
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3/15/2013 This date is an estimate
On two-three different occasions, both of my twin boys have gotten their legs stuck in between the wooden bars of their cribs, the "jourdan" model from restoration hardware. The incident that that prompted this report, however, was the only one that resulted in noticable injuries afterward, causing one of my sons significant bruising and swelling as a result. Along with the pain during the time his leg was stuck, the removing the leg was obviously very painful. I had to maneuver his leg with some force to remove it. With the bed posts having square, wooden edges, when the legs do get stuck it makes it a lot more painful to remove the leg once it is wedged in there, resulting in further injury. On this particular isolated incident, my son was unquestionably in pain and had physical injuries, he was clearly in pain while it was stuck and also when I was trying to remove it as quickly and painlessly as possible, and he was quite noticeably injured afterwards (bruising around leg/ankle-pictures attached). Yes my son moves around a lot in his sleep and we do not use bumpers because we follow the safe sleep guidelines, but the injury that resulted from the leg being wedged between the bars was made much worse by the painful removing of the leg (that had already started to swell) from between the spindles, mostly because of its wooden, squared-off edges, and the significant maneuvering required by me, and my son was in noticeable pain before I even tried to start getting it out. He was shrieking in fear and pain (and he is typically a VERY tough kid, he's the type who only cries when something REALLY hurts badly). He was/is too young to clearly tell me about his pain but it was very obvious, not only from the bruises and swelling that developed shortly after, but his actions as well. He limped on the foot for about an hour that morning before he really felt comfortable walking on it. I took photos of his injuries the following day and still have those saved. I am happy to share them. This resulted in only a minor injury for my child, however had my son not alerted me as soon as he did or if for some reason I wasn't able to get to him, or god forbid he was younger and was stuck on his stomach and couldn't turn his head to clear an airway, I could see where this situation could have been a lot worse. Please excuse any repetition of details I wanted to include as much information as possible.
Injury→Injury, First Aid Received by Non-Medical Professional
My Child
1 years 4 months
I had intended on filing a report/contacting the manufacturer much sooner-kept putting it off, better late than never. In regards to still having the crib-my son is older and more able to purposely avoid putting his legs between the spindols now.
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IMG_1895.JPG photos of bruising/swelling of the affected ankle throughout the following
IMG_1896.JPG photos of bruising/swelling of the affected ankle throughout the following
IMG_1899.JPG photos of bruising/swelling of the affected ankle throughout the following
IMG_1901.JPG photos of bruising/swelling of the affected ankle throughout the following
IMG_1902.JPG photos of bruising/swelling of the affected ankle throughout the following
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