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Infantino Go GaGa Deluxe Twist & Fold Gym
Features: Plays Music, Folds for Storage, Multiple Textures
Includes: Mirror, Musical Toy, Developmental Toys, Teether
Care and Cleaning: Wipe Clean With Soap and Water
Power Source: Wind Up
Manufacturer's Suggested Age: Newborn and Up
Material: Polyester
Protective Qualities: Wrinkle Resistant
x 25.0 " W x 20.0 " H
Weight: 2.8 Lb.
Battery no battery used
Assembly Details: assembly required, no tools needed
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Nursery Equipment & Supplies
Infant & Toddler Play Ctrs, Excl Jumpers,bouncers&exercisers (1550)
Infantino, LLC    
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4/12/2014 This date is an estimate
The infantino gaga gym is for babies newborn and up to play with the hanging toys. My son who was not completely at a sitting position, pulled one of the poles and it snapped, leaving a foam and wired exposed. He could have easily poked his eye if I was not paying attention and removed the toy immediately. I have a picture of the product and tried to contact "infantino," only to be blamed and patronized for not reading the instructions. There is not warning on the mat or anywhere visible. I mentioned that the warning could be easily placed on the mat or pole, but the customer representative told me there was not space, and I had to read the box. I was treated poorly and I only wanted to bring the matter to their attention. I was offered a replacement at first, but when I confronted the rep with her lack of help and sensitivity to the issue, she withdrew the offer and said she will tell her manager. I know many moms who are buying this product, and I definitely not recommending it. I am also making sure by doing this that parents or whoever buys the product are aware of the possible harm that it could cause to their babies.
Incident, No Injury
My Child
0 years 7 months
I called infantino, but they were not helpful. Customer rep was condescending and was patronizing me for no reading instructions. I just Got an accusatory email back, saying it was my fault for not reading the instructions.
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infantino go gaga.jpg broken arch from infantino gym

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