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Cree led bulb purchased at Home Depot
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12/1/2014 This date is an estimate
While my 13 year old grand daughter was watching tv she heard a loud pop and the power in the room went out. On investigation we found the cree led light bulb in our ceiling fan had exploded. On further investigation we found another bulb that has a crack around the connection to the socket that looks as though it was going to go soon as well.

Comment from Cree, Inc. 6/18/2015
Cree’s mission is to obsolete energy wasting light bulbs and drive 100% adoption of LED lighting. Since releasing its new line of high performance, low cost LED bulbs in March 2013, Cree has sold millions of Cree LED bulbs. Cree’s LED bulbs have been designed and tested for safety because consumer safety is fundamental to achieving Cree’s goal of full consumer conversion to LED technology. The Cree LED bulb is UL listed. Each Cree LED bulb has a transparent safety coating that exceeds the safety standards specified by UL, and has undergone various UL accreditation procedures, including “drop” testing.

In connection with this response to Report#20150412-8D217-2147433789 (the “Report”), our Customer Service Team was able to reach the consumer that filed the Report by telephone and discussed the incident with her. As a result of its fact finding, it is the company’s understanding that the glass globe separated from the base of the bulb and fell to the floor. It failed safely in that it remained intact due to the safety coating around the globe. No one was hurt. The consumer disposed of the bulb so we were unable to recover the incident bulb for further inspection. Cree Customer Service nonetheless sent the consumer some replacement bulbs.

When you are manufacturing millions of bulbs, there will be some production failures. Cree monitors failure rates and customer return rates very closely, and we continue to believe we have one of the lowest product failure rates in the industry. It appears that the globe detached from the base of the bulb in this instance. Cree stands behind its products and its warranty, and has since replaced the incident bulbs.

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