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Select Comfort Sleep number bed, comprised of two air bladders surrounded by foam, encased in a zipped cover
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Select Comfort (Sleep Number Bed)
Select Comfort
I decided to see if I could repair a sagging part of the mattress. I unzipped it and discovered large amounts of mold all over the foam cover that was over the air bladders and under the zip cover. We bought a different mattress that night. We called the manufacturer, who said they knew about this problem, but didn't feel the need to do a recall or even inform customers there was a problem. We got them to come get the bed and refund the purchase amount. As soon as we were rid of the bed, I had relief from an ongoing problem with chest pain and difficulty swallowing at night. It resulted in severe GERD. The next night, I had no such problems. My husband had also slept on this bed for years, and developed sleep apnea which required a CPAP. I tried to go to my doctor, who laughed in our faces and told us mold could not make us sick. I have become progressively sicker ever since. While sleeping on the bed, (without knowledge of the mold,) I developed large fibroid tumors, had my gall bladder removed (it was dead and adhered to my liver,) had to have and recover from a hysterectomy, and developed above-mentioned issues. Since then, I have developed severe MCS, lost my job because they were spraying chemicals, have developed neuralgia, abdominal pain, PTSD, and MS like symptoms. I believe the mold exposure was a contributor to these issues. I cannot get any doctors to admit this is the case because they will avoid litigation at all costs. Even if it means my life. When I put everything together, I contacted a toxicologist in [REDACTED] about my worsening health issues. He verified that the mold was dangerous and could have spurred on the health issues I'm experiencing.
Injury→Injury, Seen by Medical Professional
46 years

Injury→Injury, Seen by Medical Professional
My Spouse
46 years
Received refund for product nothing more
Comment from Select Comfort Corporation 5/6/2015
Please see the attached response on behalf of Select Comfort Corporation
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[REDACTED] Failed Report.pdf Mold report from testing
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CPSC - 20150415-0551E-2147433731 (5-6-2015) (Redacted)_redacted.pdf Response from Select Comfort Corporation (redacted)
Bed 2012.bmp Photograph of foam showing mold growth

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