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Recliner/Lift Chair
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Recliner Chair (670)
La-Z-Boy Incorporated    
Lazy Boy
Pinnacle Recliner/Lift Chair ACK/LINE/ITEM 501200641-026-001
1PM512 B983909 FN 000
Lazy Boy
On Monday May 4th at 7:25PM, while sitting in my new (which I had received on Wednesday April 29th), Lazy Boy Style 1PM 512 recliner lift chair with the legs lifted I bent forward to get a drink on my table and the chair tipped and I slid forward and down onto the floor.

I had some difficulty getting up off the floor. I messaged a friend on my cell who was in communication with me.

I was OK and determined to get up by myself, and I did after about 20minutes, Just as my neighbor downstairs came to help. She had been alerted by the friend I was messaging.

Someone asked me if I shouldn't report it, but I declined to at the time.

This is the same kind of difficulty reported by the recall of Lazy Boy recliners, but the chair I experienced the problem with is not on the list per Lazy Boy.

It should be!
Incident, No Injury
67 years
I reported to Comfort Care on May 12, 2015 at approximately 4:20pm, that I believed my recliner lift chair had been recalled. They told me it was not on the list. I said I had the same accident as was reported for the recalls, so I would file a report.
Comment from La-Z-Boy Incorporated 6/29/2015
We are sorry to learn of this incident but glad that the consumer apparently was not hurt. When the footrest is raised, a user who leans or moves forward in the chair shifts the chair’s center of gravity and can reach the point where the chair tips forward. For that reason, the chair’s user manual cautions users:

• Do not stand, sit, or place extra weight on the arms, back or open legrest.
• To safely exit the unit and prevent a tripping hazard, bring the back upright and close the legrest.

The company has sold thousands of these lift chairs and to the best of its knowledge, this is the first report we have received of the chair tipping over. From the consumer’s description of the incident, it appears to us that she should have lowered the legrest before moving forward in the chair. We are confident that used in that way, the chair will provide her with comfortable seating for years to come.
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