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Martha Stewart Living Model # DY4067-4062 Internet # 204395875 Grand Bank Rectangular Patio Dining Table
Bronze Steel framed Glass Patio Table
37.75 in. x 59.75 in. x 27.75 in.
Furniture, Furnishings & Decorations
Tables (Excl. Baby Changing Tables, Billiard or Pool Tables (4057)
The Home Depot    
Martha Stewart Living
3/22/2013 This date is an estimate
Last week my children went outside to play in my backyard. They immediately came back inside. My 4 year old was bleeding and had a small cut on her foot. My 6 year said that the patio table was broken into thousands of little pieces. I went outside to investigate and found that it was exactly how she had described it. The glass from my patio table had shattered into hundreds of tiny pieces. I was so confused as to how this had happened. I googled "shattered patio table and found many links telling stories very similar to mine; glass patio tables shattering randomly, in as little as 2 weeks after purchase up to 3 years after purchase. Many times the consumers were not a witness and found the resulting mess. Other times consumers reported the table "exploding into hundreds of pieces." I was shocked that this is a problem that I am not alone in facing. I also found from my research that the Martha Stewart table sold at [REDACTED] is often the product affected. My table is a Martha Stewart table, but was purchased at Home Depot. I contacted home depot through phone and email and was twice told that they were sorry for the incident, but that because my table had been purchased in March 2013 (2 years ago) that it is not covered under their return policy and the warranty has expired. I am even more shocked to learn that this product is still being sold at Home Depot. I was lucky that my family was not outside when my table exploded and we only suffered minor injuries, but I am hoping to prevent a far worse incident from happening to someone else.
Injury→Injury, First Aid Received by Non-Medical Professional
My Child
4 years
I was told to contact the manufacturer, but was told by the retailer that my manufacturer's warranty was expired. I will still try to contact them, but expect little results.
File NameDescription
20150808_173559.jpg A piece of glass that landed over 5 feet away from the table
20150808_173614.jpg One of the large pieces of glass from the patio table
20150808_173622.jpg Broken glass all over the ground after glass from my patio table randomly exploded and shattered

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