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Evenflo Concertible High Chair Black&Fushia made for feeding small child that's unable to walk
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This product is the evenflo Convertible High Chair model name is Marianna these high chairs were recalled in June of 2012, however under a different model number. My five month old [REDACTED] feel out of it yesterday September,3,2015 at approximately 1:30pm after I removed the tray to clean it. She was strapped in. A couple of seconds later she fell out onto the ceramic tiling in the kitchen with the inner black mesh the chair as as the cushion still on her arms. She was rushed to the hospital and has suffered from a contusion on her left eye. My safety concern is why we're recalled in 2012 just to be made again three years later ? It's a disgrace
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Yes I still have the product it's on the basement were sending it back to Evenflo company. Yes I contacted evenflo however I haven't spoken with a representative because of the Labor Day holiday.
Comment from Evenflo Company, Inc. 9/30/2015
Prior to receiving this report from the CPSC, Evenflo had not been contacted by this consumer. Since that time, however, Evenflo has spoken with the consumer to obtained more details. According to the child’s mother, the high chair had been used for three months prior to this incident and, in fact, the harness straps had been unthreaded by the child’s father the day before the incident to clean the seat pad. The child’s father had reassembled the seat pad in the high chair and allegedly rethreaded the harness straps through the back of the seat. When the mother removed the high chair tray to clean it, the straps from the shoulder portion of the harness slid through the openings in the seat and allowed the child to tumble out.

The product instructions outline how the harness system should be threaded and rethreaded (after cleaning of the seat pad). The relevant portion of the instructions is attached to this response. The straps are constructed such that when fully inserted through the slot in the high chair seat back, the butterfly end of the strap locks in place and cannot slide back through. It is important that the straps be pulled on when installing or reinstalling the restraint system, as well as each time a child is placed in the seat, to ensure the straps are locked in place. The warnings for the product reinforce this important step:

“WARNING: Avoid serious injury from falling or sliding out. ALWAYS use the restraining system. . . Pull the straps to adjust the restraint system for a snug, comfortable fit and to verify they are securely installed.”

The Convertible high chair meets or exceeds all applicable U.S. safety regulations, including those pertaining to high chair stability and harness durability. Contrary to this consumer’s understanding, her child’s high chair, a Convertible 281 model (with a more robust tray attachment method) was not included in the previous, unrelated recall on a different model Evenflo high chair. A properly restrained child using a properly installed harness system should not fall out of the high chair, and the company has received no similar reports on the Convertible high chair.

Evenflo encourages all consumers with comments or concerns about its products to contact our ParentLink consumer resource center at 1-800-233-5921 or

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