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Inglesina Fast High Chair: Hook-on High Chair for babies
Nursery Equipment & Supplies
Attached Highchair (1556)
Inglesina USA, Inc    
4/5/2015 This date is an estimate
Product: Inglesina Fast High Chair

Incident: 9mo Baby Fell while chair was attached to kitchen counter, resulting in ER visit (She is fortunately fine, despite the very bad fall). Despite being bucked into the 3-point harness, our baby was able to tuck her feet from under herself and fall to the stone floor below. I was with my baby but with my back turned momentarily, about 5 feet away. Despite doing frequent visual checks, she was able to launch herself from the seat very quickly.

Concern: Midleading directions for use. Inglesina markets its highchair for use from 6mo-37lbs/36 months on all of its upfront marketing materials on its own properties (websites, packaging), as well as on all partner websites. However, there is a disclaimer that the chair should no longer be used once the child is able to stand (typically babies stand from 7-11 months old, and are within 15-25lbs when they are able to do so). This disclaimer is not easily accessed, as it is in a product manual with a laundry list of a number of other precautions. I believe this information should be better highlighted for parents, who commonly mistakenly believe this chair can be used until the 2YO mark. Further, the manufacturer's product website has an instructional video that explicitly states the recommended usage of this chair is from 6mo-37lbs or 36 months, without the accompanying disclaimer about 'standing children'.

On Amazon reviews, this does not seem to be a singular incident, as there are reports of other children who have fallen or nearly fallen from this product. This concern is for this product, but also similar high chairs that do not have a 5-point harness like the [REDACTED] travel hook on high chair.

I believe that Inglesina's product usage description does not adequately inform the consumer on safe use. I know many other mothers who have bought or considered this product and have thought it can be used safely up to 2 years.
Injury→Injury, Seen by Medical Professional
My Child
0 years 9 months
I have been in contact with the manufacturer about the incident with no clear guidance if they will take action to revise their marketing materials
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