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The original refrigerator purchased with the home. Had an ice dispenser failure. The current dispenser bucket was purchased from a GE parts supplier.
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GE refrigerator with ice dispenser
I was repairing a neighbors GE ice dispenser with a broken auger drive cup and found ground up plastic particles in the ice dispenser. It appears some units were built with the wrong parts or incorrectly designed augers. These units have the auger length to long and the front end drills into the plastic ice dispenser bucket.
The problem appears to be on both new refrigerators that came with our houses and in replacement buckets from parts supplies.
I don't know if the plastic particles are harmful, as most appear to be a fine powder, that can exit while water or ice is dispensed. The problem was also seen on you tube comments when people were repairing their ice dispensers, as the dis-assembly becomes very difficult as the auger has to be forced out of the plastic it has drilled into.
Incident, No Injury
File NameDescription
Auger and auger nut in youtube video of good unit, no protrusion.jpg View of good assembly fron internet
Auger sticks out past auger nut on bad unit.jpg Bad assenbly with auger rod protruding
Auger damage showing on outside of ice bucket.jpg Damage starting to swow on outside of ice bucket
Auger damage to inside of ice bucket.jpg Hole auger made rubbing into inside plastic creating powder
Auger rod protruding.jpg Auger rod protruding past plastic end

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