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Safety1st Casablanca Decorative Wood High Chair. Dark wood, green, white, and brown padding. Purchased at Babies R Us for $120.
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Safety 1st    
Safety 1st
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11/1/2014 This date is an estimate
To whom this may concern,

On the morning of Sunday, October 4th, I was feeding my eight month old daughter breakfast in her Safety1st Casablanca High Chair. She was fastened in and the tray was snug and immobile against her stomach. After my daughter was finished eating, I moved the tray foreward one click to gather the remaining puffs that had fallen in the side cracks and down her bib. I was standing less than one foot away from her. My daughter leaned forward to reach for me and the tray abruptly broke off and went crashing to the floor. My baby fell out of the chair restraints and landed on the floor next to the tray. My baby fell head first on our tile floor resulting in a very large contusion on her forehead that was at least half dollar in size. The breath got knocked out of her and she began frantically screaming in pain. We are lucky that she wasn't knocked unconscious. Her right side landed on the defective tray and the rest of her landed on top of my feet. She also bruised on her right arm, right thigh, and stomach region from landing on the tray. We called our pediatrician and she advised us to seek medical treatment in fear of a possible concussion or internal swelling or bleeding of the brain. We went to the emergency room at Baptist Health Hospital and received medical attention from a team of doctors and nurses. She was given an initial physical exam, a well check, and a CT scan. Thankfully, my daughter had no conclusive evidence of a concussion or swelling in the brain after the results of her CT scan. The physician at the hospital advised us to keep a very watchful eye for additional symptoms that are indicative of a concussion for the next 24 hours. My husband took the day off from work on Monday, October 5th to stay home with our baby and monitor her closely. Luckily, no additional symptoms showed up and her large contusion and bruising began to lighten in color. On Tuesday, October 7th, my local news reported the recall of thousands of safety 1st high chairs because of a tray malfunction that was resulting in chipped teeth and various injuries because children were falling out of this type of high chair. This is the exact model of high chair my baby fell out of, and the very reason she was injured. You must sympathize in the terror and fear that my family went through when our baby fell to the floor and the constant reminder of the incident from the nasty contusion she is wearing on her forehead. There is no possible way a 20 pound baby should be able to move or remove a properly manufactured and securely fastened high chair tray. But she did, and the defective tray injured my child and scared my family to death. I hope your company will consider sending us a new properly inspected and functioning high chair and compensating our medical bills and grievances. We have multiple photos of our daughters contusions and swelling that we are willing to share. My family and I are prepared to pursue legal action to make sure that our requests are met and that my child's safety is ensured. I pray that no other family or child has to experience this kind of trauma based on a dysfunctional high chair that we invested $120 in.


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Comment from Safety 1st 11/5/2015
Thank you for bringing this situation to our attention. We would like to discuss this with you, and find a resolution that is agreeable. Please contact us at any of the contact methods below.
A safety recall was issued for this product by the CPSC on October 8, 2015, Recall #16-006. Consumers can review the safety alert here:

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