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Pelonis Oil-Filled Radiator Heater
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True Value or Ace?
The Pelonis Oil-Filled Radiator Heater, Model HO-0221 was plugged in before sleep to warm the bedroom. UL Listed E190384. It was unplugged in the middle of the night as the room was warmed. In the morning, we noticed the plug was completely charred, melted to the point that one of the prongs remained in the outlet. This is a frightening fire safety hazard, not only with regard to the charred remains but with regard to the potential to start an electrical fire.

In looking up this product to see if it was previously recalled, I find that this UL Listed product is still on the market and has not been recalled. Yet, I find that the very same manufacturer has had this problem before with the plug. Why didn't the manufacturer and UL take extra care to ensure that the same problem didn't repeat itself?
Incident, No Injury
This product is at my cousin's home. The CPSC can have access to it, if an investigator will visit while we are there - it is a vacation home. Alternatively, it can be shipped at CPSC expense when someone from the family is there next.
File NameDescription
Pelonis Plug 1.JPG View of charred plug with missing prong -top view
Pelonis Plug 2.JPG View of charred plug - Side View
Pelonis Plug 3.JPG Front view of heater, face on
Pelonis Plug 4.JPG View of model description plate and UL Listing Mark

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