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30" Stainless Steel Downdraft Slide-In Electric Range
Electric Ranges or Ovens (Excl Counter-top Ovens) (278)
1/15/2008 This date is an estimate
On 11/04/15 the consumer wanted to use her oven but noticed that some of the buttons were not working. The consumer states the oven went to rapid reheat and then to the broil setting with the temperature at 500 degrees. The consumer pressed the “cancel” button but the button did not work and the oven was still getting hot. The consumer states the “back” button worked and she was able to shut the oven off.

The consumer states a similar incident occurred about 2 years. After cleaning the stove top the consumer noticed the oven unexpectedly turned “on” and went to the broil setting. The consumer had to press the “cancel” button to shut off the oven but then a few minutes later the oven unexpectedly turned back “on”. The consumer states the scenario repeated for about 30 minutes.

On 11/04/15 the consumer contacted the firm (800-688-1100) and informed them of her safety concerns. When the consumer expressed her concerns about having a manual shut off on the range the Rep. (name unknown) advised her to disconnect the range by pulling out the range or cutting off the circuit breaker. The consumer believes this is a safety hazard because there should be an emergency shut off on the range. She is elderly and cannot pull out the range and go to another part of the home to shut off the circuit breaker. The Rep. offered for a service technician to go out to her home and informed her that a manager would call her today, 11/05/15 regarding her safety concerns with the range.

The consumer states the mother board was replaced sometime in 2010. The consumer states the technician who conducted the repairs informed her that the steam from the self cleaning mode got in the mother board. The consumer since then has not used the self cleaning mode. The repair was done under warranty.

The consumer could not obtain the serial number, she states the only way to obtain the serial number is to pull out the range and the consumer believes the firm should have the serial number easily accessible.

The consumer believes large electronic appliances should have a manual shut off button so in case of an emergency the consumer does not have to go shut off the circuit breaker or pull out the range, which can be more difficult for elderly consumers.

The consumer states the range was delivered sometime in February 2008.
Incident, No Injury

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