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KRUPS Espresso Coffee Maker Model / Type XP1000
REF: XP100050 / 1P0-4513
Electric Coffee Makers or Teapots (217)
Groupe SEB USA    
KRUPS Espresso Coffee Maker Model / Type XP1000
XP100050 / 1P0-4513
New Jersey
In December 2015, I Purchased a KRUPS Espresso Coffee Maker Model / Type XP100, REF: XP100050 / 1P0-4513. I have owned and operated other brands of steam type Espresso Coffee Makers for over 25 years.

In March of 2015, I unpacked the KRUPS and put it into service in my home using it without incident approximately twice weekly. I clean it thoroughly after each and every use. My preferred brand of coffee is [REDACTED] Espresso Roast – ground for me by [REDACTED] specifically for use in a steam Espresso Coffee Maker.

On January 14, 2016, I prepared coffee as I normally do, turned on the KRUPS Espresso Coffee Maker; 2 or 3 minutes later the unit exploded propelling shards of glass, hot coffee, and hot coffee grounds a distance of 15 feet, covering the walls, floor, counters, appliances, and my back.
Thankfully I had my back to the explosion. It took nearly 2 hours to clean up the mess and I cut my hand on the broken glass in the process.

On January 15, 2016, I called KRUPS Customer Relations and was told:
1- There are no safety concerns with this Espresso Coffee Maker.
2- I probably caused the problem by tamping the coffee too hard or not cleaning the basket thoroughly (untrue and ridiculous).
3- While there is a safety valve on the water tank, there is no safety valve on the brewing mechanism, that is why it exploded.
4- KRUPS would not replace the Espresso Coffee Maker under the two year warranty.
5- KRUPS would send me a shipping label to send the Espresso Coffee Maker to a service center for repair. I would need to pay for packaging of the unit.

I feel that under the circumstances, I am entitled to either a complete NEW Espresso Coffee Maker or a complete refund of $100. If I had been facing the unit when it exploded, I would have been severely injured. Luckily I sustained only a cut to my right hand and a sizable mess to clean up.
Injury→Injury, First Aid Received by Non-Medical Professional
60 years
On January 15, 2016, I called KRUPS Customer Relations
Comment from Groupe SEB USA 1/28/2016
Groupe SEB USA, as the parent company of the Krups brand, has received this notification. We value your feedback and will give priority to investigating your concerns. If you have not contacted us already, please call 800-526-5377 or contact us through our website Please reference your incident number of 160115-000468 so you are directed to the right representative.

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