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Burlap ribbon 5.5in x 30 ft
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7/1/2015 This date is an estimate
In July 2015, I started using Burlap Ribbon that I purchased from Walmart. I make Custom Wreaths and would cut and fray the ends to use in my wreaths. There was no notice on the tag that this product could harm your health or that you should wear a mask when using...
On November 14, I was admitted to the hospital with respertory failure and pulmonary fibrosis caused by inhaling the burlap fibers. I was in the hospital for 18 days, in ICU for 5 days and in inpatient rehab facility for 35 days. I have had to put my house up for sale, move to Ohio so my daughter can take care of me..
The scaring on my lungs that was caused by inhaling the burlap fibers will only get worse with time. Life expectancy is three to five years. I am beyond help, but if word got out or somehow force Walmart to at least post a sign that a mask should be worn while working with the burlap.
I have CT Scans that show lungs were fine in July and CT Scans that show major damage to my lungs in November. I am on oxygen 24 / 7 and am homebound and have had Pneumonia three times in three months. All of this could have been avoided if only there had been a warning on the burlap.
Injury→Injury, Hospital Admission
70 years
still have unused with tags burlap
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