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Rowan Sofa and Loveseat, Reclinaway, Peacock blue fabric
Furniture, Furnishings & Decorations
Sofas, Couches, Davenports, Divans or Studio Couches (679)
La-Z-Boy Incorporated    
C12886, Sofa and Loveseat
La-z-boy Furniture Gallery
North Carolina
We bought a sofa and matching Love Seat La-z-Boy Greensboro outlet in January 2016.I think it's called the Rowan ReclinaWay in Peacock Fabric.

It was delivered to us on February 9, 2016, before Valentines Day. Shortly after Valentines Day I developed a severe itchy rash all over my arms and legs. It gets worse every time I sit on the sofa or loveseat. The itching is severe and the rash looks like chicken pox or poison ivy.

I have been taking [REDACTED] and using [REDACTED] like crazy for about 6 weeks now. I went online and discovered there have been several complaints about a chemical LazyBoy uses to treat the fabric of their sofas to prevent mold and it is causing "sofa dermatitis" in susceptible individuals and obviously I am one of those individuals. I also read an article on about people developing "sofa dermatitis" and it is coming from chemicals used in the fabric. I went to the Urgent Care Center the Saturday after Valentine’s Day because the itching was so severe. He said he had never seen a rash that followed dermatones only on both legs and both arms. The only thing he could tell me was it wasn’t scabies, shingles or Lyme Disease or Tick Fever. He told me to follow up with a dermatologist if it didn’t go away and prescribed a low dose [REDACTED] cream that I could only use for one week. Now it’s the end of March and I’m still breaking out.

I have an appointment with a dermatologist. I'm bringing him a copy of the complaints I've read online and having a test done to see if I'm allergic to the material. We were told by the salesperson that all LazyBoy furniture is manufactured in the USA, however I read that the chemical DMF they are using to prevent mold is made in China. I would like a listing of all the chemicals and materials used in the Rowan models in the covers and the polyfill as well ASAP, except I’ve had no luck locating a contact number for any manufacturing plant for La-z-boy.

If I find out from my doctor that LazyBoy furniture is causing this rash, I am going to report this to the Consumer Protection agency, a lawyer, and News2 Wants to Know. I think people need to be aware that made in the USA does not mean 100% made in the USA. I have had no luck being able to locate contact information on where they manufacture their furniture. The only links to LaZBoy bring you to the store where you purchased the furniture.

I doubt the sales people or store managers know every chemical used in the product. This has run up a doctor bill for me. I’ve spent a lot of money on antihistamines, topical creams and now two doctors.
Injury→Injury, Seen by Medical Professional
55 years
Comment from La-Z-Boy Incorporated 4/8/2016
We are sorry to learn of this consumer’s condition. There is no dimethyl fumarate (DMF) in this product, but we have contacted the consumer to discuss her concerns.
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  • 5/11/2016
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  • 20160406-D1E99-1564324
Incident Description: [REDACTED] March 25, 2016 Dear Senator [REDACTED]: We recently purchased a new sofa/loveseat from LazyBoy, Greensboro store, on January 2, 2016. The entire time the sales person was giving us the pitch, she repeated over and over again Made in the USA. She ... (More)
Product: Sofas, Couches, Davenports, Divans or Studio Couches (679)
Product Description: LazyBoy sofa
Injury Info: Injury, Seen by Medical Professional
Manufacturer / Importer / Private Labeler: La-Z-Boy Incorporated
Business Comments:
(5/2/2016) This is the second report related to this consumer who developed a rash a week after receiving a La-Z-Boy sofa and loveseat. She attributed the rash to dimethyl fumarate (DMF) in the furniture, but, in fact, there is no DMF in the furniture. Even so, we were ... (More)

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