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Sharp SMD2470AS microwave
NOTE: we have two units, each had the same problem
Microwave Ovens (264)
Sharp Microwave Drawer
SMD 2470AS
128968 and 128862
Liebert's Royal Green
New York
We own two Sharp Microwave Drawers - model smd2470AS. Both were manufactured in September 2015, installed in a new home in January 2016 and not used until we moved in in March 2016. Each unit is on its own independent electrical circuit, with no other appliances on either circuit.

On Saturday, May 7th around noon, while cooking a sausage, one of the units (serial number 128968) had an electrical "event" - significant smoke pouring out of the unit accompanied by loud cracking electrical noise. The circuit breaker did not trip. I called Sharp immediately and reported this event (Sharp case number [REDACTED]). As it was a Saturday, the asked that I call back on Monday.

On Sunday, May 8th, while i was using the other unit (serial number 128862) to cook a potato, it also had an identical electrical "event" - significant smoke pouring out of the unit accompanied by loud cracking electrical noise. Again, the circuit breaker did not trip. On Monday, May 9th I called Sharp and added this information (Sharp case number [REDACTED]).

I told the Sharp personnel that had I not been in the kitchen there could have been a major, house-threatening electrical fire. I offered to have them remove the units to analyze what is happening. The Sharp "Safety Department" seems not to be interested in this.

Sharp's response thus far has been to say they will send a repair person ([REDACTED]) who by their own admission do not repair Sharp microwaves, to repair the unit.

A similar electrical incident is reported on Amazon on the page to purchase this unit:

1.0 out of 5 starsZero stars
By [REDACTED] on January 5, 2016
Verified Purchase
Do not buy this microwave! As the previous buyer stated, I too wish I had never purchased this product and would give it zero stars had that been an option. This microwave has a button to open and close the door. However, when you pushed the button to close the door, it would close automatically then immediately open, requiring one to manually close the door. We contacted Sharp who gave us the name of a warranty technician to service the unit. The technician came out and said he could not fix the problem as it was a defect in the unit itself. He did say we could use it until we got another one and he would inform Sharp of the problem. Two days later while defrosting a piece of bread, the unit started making loud grinding noises and smoke began billowing out of the unit. It smelled like an electrical fire. Pressing the stop button halted the noise but smoke kept coming out. After contacting Sharp about this new problem they have repeatedly procrastinated about addressing our request to have the defective microwave removed and provide us with a new one. Sharp does not stand behind their products and after two weeks of dealing with Sharp customer relations we are at an impasse. Sharp has ignored our requests to replace the microwave.
BOth units are installed in our house. I have talked with Sharp Safety Department several times
Based on the information provided, Sharp cannot determine what may have caused of the issue described in this report. We are in the process of exchanging the customers units to conduct a proper evaluation. An update will be provided when the product evaluation has been completed.

Sharp’s Customer Assistance Center representatives provide expert product support to their customers. Help is available 365 days a year 7am – 7pm Central Time Monday through Friday and 9am – 7pm Central Time Weekends and Holidays by calling Sharp at 1-800-BE-SHARP (1-800-237-4277).

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