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Biddeford Electric Blanket, believe size twin. Model#OBF02, Lot#310715-9B, Tracking Number [REDACTED]. I had already given the burnt blanket to Kohl's, but we got this informaton on the identical blanket that we bought for my other son at the same time (different color). Kohl's has the damaged blanket.
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My husband and I woke up at 3AM to a burning wire / plastic smell. After some investigation, the Biddeford electric blanket that I purchased for my 8 year old son was melting as he was sleeping. It burned holes in the blanket itself, sheets and charred his mattress pad and mattress. We bought 2 of these blankets from Kohl's for Christmas, so they were only used for 5 months.

When we saw the blanket was overheated, the display showed "E", which usually meant error (like it was disconnected from the blanket). When we touched his bed, it was burning up in a spot at the foot of his bed. When we pulled back his comforter, the blanket had melted onto itself a pile with exposed wires blackened by bits of the blanket.

We removed all electric blankets from all our beds, then I photographed the damage in the morning. I was shocked at the damage. My sons feet were inches from melted plastics and electrified wires. His mattress, mattress pad, sheet and comforter were damaged. The blanket got so overheated that the color from his sheets and comforter transferred to the blanket itself and appeared "bleached" in the spots that got overheated. We have always been careful monitoring their use of electric blankets, not leaving them on for too long, not keeping them on high, etc., but for a blanket less than 5 months old that originally retailed for $120, this is very scary.

I left a message for Biddeford this morning and returned the blankets to Kohl's, talking to [REDACTED], the store manager. She helped me file an incident report with Kohl's and I am expecting a return call from their corporate office by Tuesday. I am so thankful that our 2nd grader was not injured and hope that others have not experienced this or more critical injuries. This could have caused a bed fire, house fire or caused critical injury to our family. Very scary. We will never use an electric blanket again.
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Left a message today (Saturday), but they were closed. Requested call back asap.
File NameDescription
Comforter close up.jpg Close up picture of the damaged comforter - see color transfer to electric blanket
Comforter.jpg Comforter
eBlanket.JPG Electric Blanket
eBlanket closeup.JPG Close up of electric blanket
Mattress Burn.jpg Damaged mattress where you can see change in texture of fabric after the burn
mattress.JPG Mattress picture, severe enough to burn through sheet, thick mattress cover and still damage mattress
Mattress Pad_REDACTED.jpg Damage to mattress pad under the fitted sheet
sheet and mattress pad_REDACTED.jpg Damaged sheet and mattress pad showing depth of burn

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