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The Crescent Womb is a hammock that is suspended above an infant's crib. The infant is put to sleep in the hammock, rather than on the firm, flat mattress in the crib.
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I am a pediatrician and worked for 4 years in a neonatal intensive care unit.

I am concerned about the Crescent Womb - a sleep hammock marketed towards infants.

This infant sleep hammock increases the risk of infant death as the hammock promotes a chin-to-chest position (as shown in the manufacturer's own pictures of the product - ).

There is also a risk of entrapment and/or strangulation as depending on the size of the crib used, the baby could roll and get its head stuck between the hammock and the side of the crib.

This product falsely claims to decrease the risk of SIDS, when in reality I am worried it will only increase the risk.
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I sent them an email with my concerns about the product.

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