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(08/11/2016) The consumer stated that his wife noticed that the bulb in the two light ceiling fixture flickered and then it went out. One shade of the fixture was dark. His wife shut the light off so that she could remove the bulb. As she was taking the shade off of the fixture, she noticed smoke coming from the base of the coil of the bulb. Immediately, the bulb caught on fire. Flames were coming from the base of the bulb.

His wife wrapped aluminum foil around the bulb to put the fire out. She also unscrewed the bulb and took it out of the fixture.

The consumer will send pictures of the bulb.

Incident, No Injury
My Spouse
Comment from Feit Electric Company, Inc. 9/1/2016
We take consumer concerns regarding product safety very seriously and understand the dissatisfaction some individuals may have with the type of failure described in this complaint. In rare instances the electronic components in compact fluorescent lamps (CFL’s) may fail in a way that will result in smoke, odor, discoloration/ browning, or deformation of the plastic housing. It is the nature of fire retardant materials they may fail in this manner. The materials used in our CFL’s are designed to prevent the plastic and components from igniting or posing a fire hazard. We are currently using the most advanced technology and materials to minimize the possibilities of these types of failures.
We spoke with the consumer named in this complaint on 8/11/16 and concluded the failure was likely the result of end of life failure. We subsequently sent replacement bulbs free of charge for their trouble on 8/17/16.
Feit Electric Company welcomes your questions or concerns regarding our products. Please call our consumer service department toll free Monday through Friday, 8-5 Pacific Time at 800-543-3348. You may also reach us via email at: Please also visit our website:

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