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Samsung Galaxy S6 Active smartphone
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Galaxy S6 Active
Summary of Samsung Galaxy S6 Active Explosion/Burn Incident: It appears that Samsung is saying only the [REDACTING] has a problem. My Samsung Galaxy S6 Active (available through AT&T only I think) also burned up while charging via a Samsung charger. The smoke alarms went off and our bedroom was filled with smoke. There was char on the curtains about 2 feet away from the bed and charred marks on the headboard; the phone burned through the hardcover of a book. Both AT&T and Samsung said that I should deal directly with Samsung on this and I sent my phone to Samsung at their request. This happened at the beginning of June and Samsung finally sent me a check in August after giving me a huge runaround (likely that the Samsung [REDACTING] recall was already in the works.) After multiple weeks, I was told that it was taking so long because I filed a claim instead of just accepting payment for my phone of accepting another model of Samsung 6 because the “Active” model is only available through AT&T. My claim included the cost of my burned phone plus approximately $140 for a $40 [REDACTING] (that works great by the way), 2 curtain panels, the cost of the burned book and a few dollars that I paid to have the headboard cleaned. I did not claim anything for the huge amount of time I spent just trying to get Samsung to talk to me about the status of my phone. And laughably before they sent me a check, they sent me a coupon for shopping on the Samsung website for a new phone. I received my check from Samsung and just now called AT&T to remind them that my S6 exploded, too, and now AT&T has not called back even though my call was “escalated” to a supervisor. I have a comment from AT&T CS that I printed that says that Samsung should recall the S6…this must have been from too low a level of CS.

Samsung Customer Service “Runaround”: The runaround they gave me was incredible. First of all, I was expecting that someone from Samsung might even be at my door because such a horrendous, dangerous thing happened to my phone and they would want to make sure I was okay. Oh, silly me. I was told by Samsung that AT&T would give me a loaner phone. AT&T just laughed at this suggestion. I got myself a $40 GoPhone and have used it to this day – it is great by the way. Multiple times I left messages for Samsung to call my cell phone number – they continued to call my house phone repeatedly. When they did call my cell phone, if I didn’t answer immediately but called back seconds later, I would be subjected to the same loop of voice mails. I would say to call me between certain hours and they would call just outside the range of hours. They called and left me messages to call back to a number for the “Office of the President” because my case was escalated to the highest level of customer service at Samsung -- ha -- nobody at the OOTP ever, ever picked up the phone; when my calls were answered by a person, it was always at the general customer service line. Then I would have to start the story over again and that person (all very nice by the way) would call the OOTP and stay on the line and find out that the calls always went to voice mail after several minutes and then a message came on stating something like, "You've reached the OOTP; he isn't available..." as if "he, the President" really was there. Then, a guy from the OOTP (I have his name and all the numbers that I was given) would call me and just leave his first name and tell me to call back on this certain number. Never, ever, ever did anyone answer that phone – I reached a voice mail with a message directing me to leave a message until finally one day in August I answered my house phone and I was told by the seemingly surprised person handling my claim that it was approved and would now go to the Samsung Accounting Dept. I think it took more than a week for them to send me my payment.
Incident, No Injury
64 years
See description - Samsung finally paid me but this product needs to be recalled and AT&T needs to be aware

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