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High heat pressure cooker.
Pressure Cookers or Canners (412)
Bistro pressure cooker
Our client was cooking when her pressure cooker exploded. She was covered in steaming hot water and suffered gruesome burns over her arms, stomach and breasts.
Injury→Injury, Emergency Department Treatment Received
41 years
Comment from MAXI-MATIC 10/6/2016
We would like to submit a response in follow up to claim 20160923-6969D-2147413779. In the report the customer claimed the unit exploded during the cooking process and got "steaming hot water" on their client. The design of the unit would make it impossible for the lid to blow off during use since there are steel flanges the lid fits inside of locking it in place. If the lid were not securely positioned in these flanges and locked the unit would not have pressured up as this is one of several different safety features built in to the item. If we can get the unit in we will do complete testing of the unit.

A more likely scenario is the unit was overfilled, which there are many cautions against in the instruction manual, and when the lid was opened the contents were spilled. We regret this incident happened and are willing to work with the customer directly. Again if we can get the unit in we will then test it to what happen. It is unfortunate mishaps happen and we work diligently with our customers to test all claims to ensure there are no operational issues with any item we sell. Thank you in advance for your review of this matter.

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