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Samsung Top Loading Washer

Model No. WA50F9A7DSW/A2
Serial No. Y7CG5AUD603361V
Home Maintenance and Structures
Laundry, Fabric Care & Sewing
Washing Machines, Other or Not Specified (140)

I have one of the top loading washers that are affected by the top falling off. My washer's top shot off completely in the end of February. On March 1st I called Samsung to inform them of the problem. The top shot off the washer and the levers on each side that had held it on were rusted and sharp. I had actually cut my finger on one. Anyhow, Samsung talked as if it were our fault and said it wouldn't be covered under any type of warranty. They sent me to a 3rd party to pay for the repair, which was going to cost a couple hundred dollars. We did not do the repair because we knew it was a faulty washer and were going to try Samsung again.

Since March 1st, the only way I can keep my top on my washer is by using a 20 pound weight to set on top of it. I have been using the light spin since the top broke off in February but the weight will still fall off onto the floor. It is not safe.

Not only has the top shot off but the unit around the lid is all rusted and so it part of the lid. This washer isn't even 2 years old and began rusting within a year's time. On top of that, the cap on the inside of the washer came off during a load of clothes and tore many of the clothes in the washer. We tried to repair it and it did it again with the next load. We have about 15 pieces of clothing ruined because of it.

October 3rd is when I heard about the top loading issue. I was not surprised at all. I went onto the Samsung website and entered my washer model and serial number and foudn out it WAS one that was affected.

On the same day, I called Samsung customer service to ask if there was anything they could do in the meantime. It is NOT safe and I shouldn't have to pay hundreds of dollars to have it fixed. It cost over $1,000 less than two years ago and was a Christmas gift to my husband and I by my in-laws. The girl I spoke with talked to her supervisor who informed me that I should not use the washing machine at all. Really?? That is terrible customer service. We're a family of four with two kids in travel sports. I wash clothes consistantly and need a working, safe washing machine. I told her the only way I can stop using it is if they will replace it. I'd even be happy with them fixing it for now. When I asked her how long it would take for a solution to be determined she told me she didn't know and it could takes months. I just can't see where that is ok.

So now I'm using an unsafe washer, because it was made faulty, and there's nothing that can be done to help me. What a terrible feeling.

I'm in the process of creating a letter to send to several places but wanted to contact you before I did that. I'm hoping you can do something to help me instead.

Thank you,
Injury→Injury, First Aid Received by Non-Medical Professional
44 years
I still have the washer because I don't want to pay $1,000 for a new one when this one should be repalced by Samsung. I contacted Samsung 3 times before filling out this report. Nobody has helped me.
File NameDescription
Samsung 1.jpg Lever that held the top on
Samsung 2.jpg Lever that held the top on #2
Samsung 3.jpg The top to the washer, broken
Samsung 4.jpg The top of the washer, rusted & markings on the washer where the weight has fallen or hit.
Samsung 5.jpg The only way I can keep my lid on.
Samsung 6.jpg Rust on washer and some damage on lid.
Samsung 7.jpg Unsafe lever that held the lid on & that cut my finger.
Samsung Model #s.jpg Information on the back of the washer.

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