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Pelonis Oil Filled Radiator Heater Model HO-0250H, 120V, 60Hz
Home Maintenance and Structures
Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning
Portable Electric Heaters (348)
Pelonis Appliances, Inc.    
My son was using Pellonis Oil Filled Radiator heater (Model HO-0250H) in his apartment (the apt. is located right behind my house). This was only the third time that the heater has been used since purchasing last Dec. He came to my house at 6:30 this morning and said something was wrong with the heater and his apartment was filled with a hazy cloud. He said he woke up coughing and gasping for breath. He could only take short gasping breaths and said the only word he could think of to describe the feeling was "drowning." He could not breath in the apartment. I ran to the apartment immediately, and it was filled with a cloudy haze and smelled like overheated oil. My son had already unplugged the heater, so we opened all the doors and put large fans in the doorways to draw the haze out. It is now almost 12:30 (after lunch) and the apartment still smells like heated oil This heater nearly suffocated my son because it overheated and the safety mechanism to shut it off did not kick in. I tried calling customer support for the product, but all I get is a recording in a foreign language: Midea America Corp Customer Care Center, 11800 NW100th Rd, Suite 4, Medley FL 33178 1-866-646-4332.
Injury→Injury, No First Aid or Medical Attention Received
My Child
22 years
When I call the customer support number from the product brochure, all I get is a recording in a foreign language.
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