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New Doc McStuffin Pet Vet Erasable Activity Table set with 3 Markers, Manufacturer Part Number/Model # 97324, Pink & Blue Color, Disney Brand, sold at, LxWxH is 24.50x24.5x20.00 inches
Furniture, Furnishings & Decorations
Tables (Excl. Baby Changing Tables, Billiard or Pool Tables (4057)
JAKKS Pacific, Inc.    
11/9/2016 This date is an estimate
We purchased a Doc McStuffins Pet Vet Table Set from Model # 97324 back in Nov 2016. We purchased a similar [REDACTED] Table set for our kids previous to that. Yesterday, our niece for whom we purchased the Doc McStuffin table set fell down and received a serious cut/gash right over her left eye from the protruding leg support that allows the legs to be folded and expanded, and required a hospital visit. I previously wondered if it was just a pinch hazard with our kids when folding the table, but today I realized it could potentially cause a child more serious injury, like to lose an eye. Thankfully, the loss of an eye did not occur here [only by God's miraculous grace I believe], but it was close enough to her eye that prompted me to request this possible recall and remedy. I just finished contacting Walmart's Cust. Service Rep to get in contact with her parents and to hopefully recommend a recall and/or re-design. Rep [REDACTED] stated she will further the claim up to the appropriate Walmart Department. Still, many of us are aware that the first thing most companies will do is defer blame to another party like the manufacturer. Hopefully, Walmart will do the right thing here. The leg support should possible be more self-contained, or a protective covering should be placed above the protruding bracket which visibly does jut out beyond the table's top cover. It is a potential hazard that can potentially slice and maim despite the rounded edges and I hope you and other product safety watchers will sound an alarm here for the potential risk to other children, especially little infants just learning to walk and so prone to stumbling over at times. And for the record, my niece in question is no longer an infant who stumbles over easily. Thank you for your time and please feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience if you need additional information.
Injury→Injury, Emergency Department Treatment Received
Other Relative
2 years 6 months
We contacted Walmart already and will wait for Walmart's promptings
Comment from JAKKS Pacific, Inc. 1/17/2017
JAKKS Pacific, Inc., and its subsidiary Kids Only, Inc. who manufactured the Doc McStuffins Activity Table and Chairs Set, thank the consumer for reaching out to us and bringing this to our attention.

This product and packaging are marked clearly with suitable warnings and instructions, and was reviewed, tested and age-graded for ages 3 to 7 years old. Independent laboratory testing confirmed that the product conforms to applicable standards. According to our Consumer Relations team’s conversation with the consumer, the child for whom the product was purchased was 2 and a half years old at the time of the incident which is under the recommended age grade. Notwithstanding that, the alleged injury occurred when the child was “running and tripped” and fell into the table’s leg support, not while actually using the product as intended. Therefore, this type of injury could have occurred if the child had fallen into any other furniture around the home. Fortunately, it appears that the child avoided a severe injury, but this reiterates the importance of adult supervision and respect for age appropriateness when interacting with or near our products. Finally, with over 2.4 million of these activity table sets shipped just to Walmart and from 2014-2016, this incident is an unfortunate and rare occurrence.

Incidents we learn of are thoroughly investigated and addressed with care as the safety of our customers and their children is our utmost priority. If appropriate, we incorporate any needed changes to the product or instructions for future production. Since individual circumstances are unique and safety is our top priority, we normally request the consumer to send back the product in question to help us to better understand the issue and address any concerns. This information is always helpful to us, as JAKKS is committed to continuous consumer feedback and product improvement as part of making high quality products. However, although we requested the consumer to return the product to us for our inspection, they have declined to do so. If in fact the consumer would like to reach out to us again, we ask him to please contact our Consumer Relations department at 1-877-875-2557 to help answer any questions or concerns related to the resolution of this incident.

Thank you.

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