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Electric baseboard heaters with thermostat
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Electric Baseboard Heaters (312)
King ELectrical Mfg Co.    
King Electricall mfg co
We remodeled our basement in the last couple of months and installed two 120v King Electric baseboard heaters that had dedicated breakers. A licensed master electrician had rewired the entire basement, we passed the initial inspection,  and then he installed the heaters (we also had thermostats attached to them).  We are waiting for final inspection.

In the interim one of the heaters caught on fire two weeks ago at 4 am in the morning.  Thankfully my husband and I were home and the smoke detectors were in full alarm. We put the small fire out with an extinguisher.  If we had been traveling, the house would have burned to the ground.

We contacted King and asked for a rep to come inspect it to determine origin. They will not commit as they are based in Seattle. We sent them pictures and based off of those they are saying it looks like an improperly placed wingnut; however we are not sure if this is the case. No one was injured.

King Electric model #5k212 k series 4; 120v; 1250 watts
Incident, No Injury
We made them aware of incident; requested rep to come inspect it to no avail
Comment from King ELectrical Mfg Co. 1/19/2017
120 Volt Heater Applied to a 240 Volt Circuit could causes the destruction of the product. This is also a prime example of poorly tightened wire nut connections. Have asked twice for the customer to return product and including our UPS Return Account #. Not received as of 1/19/16. Until I can inspect the evidence we can only speculate that it is improper over voltage was applied since there are two breakers that control the heating circuit, or a High Resistance loose wire nut connection is the only way this type of extreme heat can occur.
File NameDescription
IMG_7514.JPG exterior unit after fire
IMG_7515.JPG exterior unit after fire
IMG_7516.JPG manufacturer sticker on inside of unit
IMG_7517.JPG inside of unit at thermostat fire origin
IMG_7518.JPG inside of unit at thermostat fire origin
IMG_7520.JPG inside of unit at thermostat fire origin
IMG_7521.JPG circuit breaker heaters are run to

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