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Erasable Activity Table Set, Model Number 78670
by Jakkas Pacific Inc
Furniture, Furnishings & Decorations
Chairs, Other or Not Specified (4074)
JAKKS Pacific, Inc.    
Disney Junior Erasable Activity Table Set
Erasable Activity Table Set, Model Number 78670
The product is "Erasable Activity Table Set, Model Number 78670" by Jakkas Pacific Inc.
I purchased this on Nov 24, 2016 from Walmart. I assembled it at home for my 3 year old kid.
He started using it on Nov 25, 2016. On Nov 26, 2016, in the morning, when he was trying to sit on one chair, he said it hurt. I checked the chair and found a sharp metal pointing out from the chair seat cushion.
My child was not injured but this could have potentially injured him. It looks like a manufacturing defect escaped the manufacturers quality testing.
Incident, No Injury
My Child
3 years
I sent an email and called via phone. The representative asked me to send the chair to them on my return shipping expenses for their evaluation of the defect.
Comment from JAKKS Pacific, Inc. 1/19/2017
JAKKS Pacific, Inc., who manufactured the Disney Junior Activity Table and Chairs Set, thanks the consumer for reaching out to us and bringing this to our attention.

This product and packaging are marked clearly with suitable warnings and instructions, and was reviewed, tested and age-graded for ages 3 to 7 years old. Independent laboratory testing confirmed that the product conforms to applicable standards.

Incidents we learn of are thoroughly investigated and addressed with care as the safety of our customers and their children is our utmost priority. If appropriate, we incorporate any needed changes to the product or instructions for future production. Since individual circumstances are unique and safety is our top priority, we normally request the consumer to send back the product in question to help us to better understand the issue and address any concerns. In this case, our Consumer Relations team spoke with the consumer to collect further details about the incident, and to address any of her remaining concerns. Fortunately, her child was not injured but the consumer alleges that a piece of metal is poking out from the cushion after her child sat down on one of the chairs. The consumer provide a picture to that appears to show either a tear or something protruding from the seat cushion, so we sent a prepaid shipping label to her for her to return the product to us. After our team followed up with the consumer multiple times, the consumer has told us today (January 18th) that she will send the chair back to us for our review. Finally, please note that with over 2.4 million of these activity table sets shipped just to Walmart and from 2014-2016, no similar incidents regarding a protrusion in the seat cushion have been brought to our attention.

JAKKS is committed to continuous consumer feedback and product improvement as part of making high quality products. JAKKS encourages consumers to contact us by calling our Consumer Relations line at 1-877-875-2557, or by emailing us at with any questions and concerns about JAKKS’ products.

Thank you.

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