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4moms high chiar
I have been using a high chair manufactured by "4moms" and purchased at for $299.00.
I purchased this high chair in September of 2016 and began using this high chair in November 2016.

The 4moms high chair is a new high chair model that was released in 2016. The high chair has a latch that is located underneath the tray. The latch is a bar that releases the tray when the bar is pushed up and out. The latch is unique in that it uses a magnet to engage the latch and can be used with one hand.

My 8 month old baby is able to push on the latch with his feet and release the tray causing it to fall off of the high chair. The first time he did this I was across the room and had to run to catch him to prevent him from falling as his restraint straps were on but not tightened down completely. Over the course of the past month he has been able to remove the tray by pushing on the latch with his feet on a regular basis. I have stopped using the high chair because it is unsafe and additionally very inconvenient when the contents of the tray fall on the floor.

My 7 month old nephew has been using the same high chair model purchased from the same vendor and he is also able to remove the tray on his high chair by pushing on the latch with his feet. There is at least one other online review on 4moms website where a consumer indicates that her 6 month old baby is able to remove the tray by pushing on the latch with her feet. I mention this because I don't believe it is an isolated issue with my specific high chair.

I have used video to document my son removing the tray with his feet. I also have video of the latch mechanism operating as the manufacturer intended. I have been in contact with 4moms as well as the vendor, Giggle. I sent them the video footage. 4moms responded by indicating that: "the tray latches do appear to be functioning properly. It appears that your little one may be at a height right now where they are pushing up and pushing out on the latch underneath the tray to disengage the latches." 4moms refused to refund my money and failed to indicate that they would look into this problem.

Based on my research of safety guidelines a child should not be able release the tray either intentionally or by accident. The fact that I spent $300 on a high chair that isn’t safe for our baby is a concern. However a larger concern is that in my opinion this high chair has a design flaw and can pose a danger to babies and children using it. At a minimum there should be a warning label on the chair informing parents that it is possible for their child to remove the tray with their feet. Parents should be aware of this before they invest $300 in a high chair that can’t be returned as well as use a high chair that could easily cause injury. Furthermore per 4moms response there is no information on this high chair that indicates it is not appropriate for a little one at a certain height. If I had known there was a height restriction that would prevent my 6-8 month old from safely using the chair, I would have purchased a different high chair.

Please let me know if you need any additional information from me. I am happy to share the video footage of the problem with the high chair tray.

Thank you,


Incident, No Injury
My Child
0 years 8 months
The manufactuerer indicated that the product was operating properly. The problem is that my baby is at a height where he can engage the latch to remove the tray. They offered no solution or refund. My baby is at an appropriate age to use the product.
Comment from Thorley Industries LLC DBA 4moms 1/25/2017
The safety of our consumers and their children is paramount to 4moms. All reports related to product safety are thoroughly investigated and addressed with the highest level of care. Our Customer Care team has communicated directly with the consumer to understand their concern.

Every 4moms product meets or exceeds all mandatory & voluntary safety standards. The 4moms high chair has been tested and certified to ASTM 404-16 “Safety Consumer Specification for High Chairs.” The tray latch design includes a double action release mechanism that meets the requirements of the safety standard. Contrary to the consumer’s statement, the tray locking mechanism is mechanical and does not rely on any of the magnetic features for locking the tray into place. The magnetic feature the consumer is referring to helps parents guide the tray onto the chair for ease of use.

In addition, the high chair is equipped with a 5-point restraint system, which is required for usage, as outlined in the instruction manual. The warning states: “The child should be secured in the high chair at all times by the restraining system. Adjust the restraint system to fit snugly around your child. The tray is not designed to hold the child in the chair.”

CPSC does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or adequacy of the contents of the Publicly Available Consumer Product Safety Information Database on, particularly with respect to information submitted by people outside of CPSC.