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Fabuloso Passions of Fruit multi purpose cleaner. Largest bottle (green Color) Purchased at Home Depot in Biddeford, Maine 04005 3 weeks ago.
Home Maintenance and Structures
Household Chemicals, Paint, & Cleaning Products
General Purpose Household Cleaners (954)
Home Depot
12/23/2016 This date is an estimate
I purchased Fabuloso Passions of Fruit cleaner and used it a week ago. I used it to clean the floor. I started vomiting and felt sick for 2 days. I thought it was a virus of some sort. So, this Saturday I was cleaning some ceilings and walls with it and started vomiting. Dry cough, breathing backed up and choking. I had an inhaler from a while back that I needed to use to get breathing ok again. My throat felt like it was constricted and sore. My head ached and I felt just horrible. Didn't feel that good yesterday and today I'm starting to feel a bit better. Although, I am out of the house today at work. I have never had problems with cleaners before so not sure what is in this one to cause me to become so sick. I think the product needs to be reviewed for safety. Thank you.
Injury→Injury, First Aid Received by Non-Medical Professional
53 years
I still have the bottle and remaining contents. I tweeted to the company and they asked for email address. Have not heard back from them as of yet.
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