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Outdoor gas firepit
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Blue Rhino    
Endless Summer outdoor gas firepit
Endless Summer Outdoor Gas Firepit
Wells fargo rewards catalog
I ordered a BlueRhino outdoor gas firepit from Wells Fargo Rewards Catalog that is fueled by a propane tank. I assembled it exactly as instructed and used it right away. The instructions state to turn off the gas on the tank when finished. I attempted to do so but the tank knob was extremely hot due to the firepit. After letting it cool, I finally was able to turn the gas off. The next time I used this product, the flame went out. After trying to re-light it without success, I looked below in the cabinet where the tank is stored and i noticed that the rubber supply line going to the burners had melted to the bottom of the fire pan. This caused a kink in the line thus no gas could get to the burner. I then called Rhino and was told that the heat shield may have not been working properly so they sent me an entire new burner and register with pan. Again, I installed it as instructed and it worked fine for the first couple of times. On the third time I used it, the burner once again went out. I immediately looked below at the tank and once again the gas supply line melted to the bottom of the pan. Also, the tank was extremely hot to the touch. This is an extremely dangerous item and I was concerned that it could have blown up. I called Rhino once again and they refused to do anything stating to me that i would need to purchase a new register and pan. This product is extremely dangerous and i had no interest in purchasing anything additional for this unsafe product. I also have pictures to back up my claim
Incident, No Injury
i called and they sent me a replacement. It happened again and they would do nothing

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