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La-Z-Boy 44p/440/740 power/chaise full reclining sofa leather
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La-Z-Boy 44p/440/740 power/chaise full reclining sofa
Guynn Furniture
We purchased a Barrett PowerRecline La-Z-Time Full Reclining Sofa in August 2016. We had to buy it from a catalog, as there were none in the store. The salesman had us sit in a similar one and stated it would be the same. It is extremely hard to get out of and one needs to push with their hand, which slides down in the back of the cushion. In doing so your hand comes in contact with sharp edged wood, (has cut me several times). The design, while sitting in a normal manor is such that you can reach down in the back of the seat cushion and come in contact with moving metal levers. This is a danger to children as well as adults searching for dropped items, keys, toys, or anything lost while reclining. (Very easy to be pinched between wood and metal moving parts resulting in possible loss of finger), The front under the footrest is wide open to any thing that can walk or crawl into it. There is a thin piece of fabric just hanging in front. All the moving leavers are exposed in there just waiting for a child, dog or cat to crawl in and become mangled. I have complained to La-Z-Boy and they basically say, “Read the manual” and gave me a canned reply. Having been an engineer and designed much more complicated products than this, it is an accident waiting to happen. Note: photos would not upload even with flash installed.

Injury→Injury, Level of care not known
They gave me a canned response saying it was built just fine
Comment from La-Z-Boy Incorporated 4/18/2017
We are sorry that the consumer is not satisfied with the design of his La-Z-Boy sofa. As he notes, he is a retired engineer, and he has offered input on our products’ designs. We first heard from him when he advised our Comfort Care team that he had modified the base of his La-Z-Boy recliner. Comfort Care advised him that he should not have added screws to the base, and doing so voided his warranty. He then complained about this power reclining sofa and what he encounters when he reaches down inside it. We do advise people to keep body parts away from the chair’s moving parts. Although the mechanism is designed to avoid pinch points, people should use ordinary care not to create a risk of injury. The consumer indicates that he needs support when he exits the sofa, and we suggest that he obtain that support by pushing off against the chair’s arm.

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