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Salt Lamps
Model name or number: 1002 - for salt lamp
Purchase date: Consumer has 6 of these. 2 have been defective

The product was damaged before the incident: ?The cord was replaced with an exact one made by the same manufacturer.

Yes, Consumer no longer feels safe using these products. Had she not come home when she did, her house could have burned down with her beloved animals inside. Luckily the damage was minimal.

When her son and the consumer came home their house smelled like something electrical was on fire. Her throat burned to breathe it in. She immediately sent her son outside with their animals, so she could find the source. (They have a 2 story house). Being that the entire house was that way she thought it was their air units, but it wasn't and none of their smoke detectors were going off. Then she found the salt lamp with the dimmer switch melted and the burn marks on their carpet. When her husband came home many hours later he could still smell the chemical smell. It was very scary. Her son and the consumer felt blessed that they came home when they did. It was scary. At that moment she unplugged all the other salt lamps that were plugged in and they haven't used them since.

According to the warranty description they only warranty the items for 30 days from purchase date to be free of defects in material and workmanship.
Furniture, Furnishings & Decorations
Indoor Lighting
Floor Lamps or Table Lamps, Electric (Excl Halogen) (4071)
WBM International/ WBM LLC
1000 - for cord
This consumer purchased a total of six salt lamps online over just a few months between 2013 & 2014 .
She noticed approximately one year later she noticed that the dimmer switches had burned out and had quit working.
She contacted the manufacturer and did as she was instruction which was to order replacement dimmer switches and switch the one's in the lamps.
The dimmer switches received from the manufacturer were changed.
Around March 14 or 15, 2017 her 13 year old son's dimmer switch began begin extremely hot so this caller/his mother placed an order for a replacement dimmer switch which was placed in the salt lamp by the caller. Ordered replacement on 03/18/17
Around March 20, 2017 the caller's 13yr old noticed that his dimmer switch was becoming very hot then stopped using. (New replacement cord just ordered)
The dimmer switch of the second lamp that overheated was purchased February 20, 2013 and it overheated April 1, 2017.
She has stopped using all six of the salt lamps and is reporting these incidents as fire and injury hazards.
She has contacted the manufacturer who has told her to email them the info.
She states that her rug has a burn mark a bit larger than a quarter because the dimmer switch was touching it.
She asks that these salt lamps also become recalled and that she be reimbursed for all six as well as repair of her rug.

Incident date: 3/20/2017 This is an estimate for the dimmer switch. 04/01/17 for the second one that resulted in damage
Incident, No Injury
Yes, consumer contacted them by phone, and was told to email them regarding the incident.
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