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Model 0303G00
Jardin Crib
Nursery Equipment & Supplies
Nonportable Cribs (1543)
Jardine Enterprises    
Jardin Enterprises
Babies R'Us
4/1/2007 This date is an estimate
WE WERE NOT NOTIFIED OF THE RECALL, which led to a serious incident in 2012, and are BEING REFUSED COMPENSATION. MY neice also used this crib that could have injured her as well.

My toddler son was using the crib (model 0303G00) throughout the years 2011-2012 until a frightening incident occured.

He started screaming in the middle of the night and we immediately knew this was a scream of pain and fear. Upon entering his room, my husband and I noticed that a side slat had cracked in half and splintered inside his leg. We had to cut the wooden slat away from the top and bottom pieces before releasing his leg.

We were already disappointed in the quality of material compared to the $300 price but this incident marked the end of our Jardin crib use.

What can we do to receive necessary compensation?
Injury→Injury, No First Aid or Medical Attention Received
My Child
1 years 1 months
Auto reply says we do not qualify for compensation due to post 10 years. We were not notified of the recall or would have submitted a request sooner.

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