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fabric covered recliner chair
Furniture, Furnishings & Decorations
Recliner Chair (670)
La-Z-Boy Incorporated    
Art Van Furniture
2/1/2017 This date is an estimate
The consumer purchased two of the same chair and she picked them up on March 6.

The consumer immediately noticed a strong chemical odor coming from the chairs. After 3 days the consumer contacted the store, Art Van Furniture and expressed her safety concerns. She indicated that she was getting a headache and a tight feeling in her chest and she believes it was being caused from the chemical odor.

On March 14, the store sent out a technician to her home and the technician advised her that the smell will dissipate over time, possible 3 weeks.

On March 15, the consumer went to the store and advised the manager of her safety concerns. The consumer was told to spray Febreeze on the chairs. The consumer did as she was told.

The consumer states that the chemical odor did not go away and she opened the windows to help air out the odor.

The consumer called the store again and on March 21 the store sent out another technician. The technician advised the consumer that the odor could be from the foam or cover and he sprayed Airlift on both chairs.

The consumer said the smell was better for about 36 hours and then the chemical odor returned.

The consumer indicated that her neighbor got a headache and pain in her chest after 15 minutes of sitting on the chair.

On March 25, the consumer sprayed Febreeze on the chairs. She said the odor did not dissipate and she contacted the store requesting to return them. The consumer was told that the store would charge a 25% restocking fee or a 10% restocking fee if she purchased another La-Z-Boy product.

The consumer plans to return the chairs today and purchase another product.

The consumer also contacted the firm, La-Z-Boy and informed them of her safety concerns. The consumer was told that their chairs meet all regulations and were safe. The consumer was also told she could wash the chairs with Neutrogena soap. The consumer refused to wash the new chairs. Thought Art Van would refuse to take them back if washed.
Injury→Injury, No First Aid or Medical Attention Received
76 years
Returned chairs to Art Van April 12th. With full refund. No Response from Lazy Boy
Comment from La-Z-Boy Incorporated 8/25/2017
We regret that this customer was unhappy with her La-Z-Boy product. Sometimes, some customers may notice a distinctive odor with new furniture, and if that happens, we recommend owners ensure there is good circulation of air around the furniture while the odor dissipates. In this case, we understand that the customer returned the furniture to the retailer and received a full refund.

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