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Cuisinart Mini Prep Food Processing Machine
Food Processors (275)
Cuisinart Mini Prep DLC 3ACHC
Mini Prep DLC 3 ACHC
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4/15/2015 This date is an estimate
I own 3 Cuisinart food processing machines. One is subject to the recall and I had ordered the new blade through the established process.
The other 2 machines are not covered by the recall but also exhibit unsafe conditions with the blades. A 4 year old Cuisinart Mini Prep DCL 3 ACHC has a blade encased in plastic with no rivets. The plastic is cracked, the metal blade is partially sticking out of alignment from the plastic and bits of plastic and metal are missing.
A 2 year old Cuisinart [REDACTED] has a blade encased in plastic with no rivets. The plastic is cracked and a bit of plastic is missing.
The instructions for each machine do not state that the blades must be inspected before and after each use to be sure customers don't ingest bits of plastic and metal. Meals are not often prepared in our home and the machines are used only 3 or 4 times a year, at holiday gatherings or family events like graduations. We are careful to follow instructions on use and cleaning of all of our appliances.
I first tried to report this unsafe situation to the recall line at 877-339-2534. They referred me to the company general customer service dept at 800-726-0190 and the representative was not at all concerned that there were unsafe products. Her only interest was that I understood that I could buy a new blade, but because the machines are past the one year warranty and not covered by the recall there was not any other option. I tried a second time to warn that customers need to know they can also be hurt by blades not covered by the recall, and there was no interest. I asked for a supervisor and was told no supervisors were available.
I plan to discard all 3 machines as I am appalled by the lack of quality and the lack of concern in how the unsafe blades are being handled by Cuisinart. I will retain them for a short while in the event you would like to examine the problem blades.
Incident, No Injury
62 years

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