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Propane torch with integral igniter. Black plastic housing with inset blue handle and red gas valve and trigger. BernzOmatic written on the blue handle.
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1/15/2008 This date is an estimate
My BernzOmatic propane torch started to leak propane through a small hole on the gas valve. The manufacturer claims that this is a safety in the event of an internal seal failure. I purchased this torch approximately 8 years ago and used it less than 10 times and it failed. The manufacturer seems to have no issue with their product failing after minimal use and feels that venting flammable gas in the direction of the operator is a good safety practice. After I discovered the failure I discontinued use and detached the propane cylinder. I have read on-line about others having the same issue. The torch is black plastic with a blue plastic grip and a red gas valve and ignition trigger. The blue handle says BernzOmatic and the number 307 is stamped near the ignition trigger. There are no other markings on the torch and no safety instructions or mention of the safety relief on the gas valve.
Incident, No Injury
50 years
Manufacturer stated the warranty expired.
Comment from Worthington Cylinders 8/25/2017
It is our goal that every customer has a satisfactory experience with a Bernzomatic product. The product performance described is not typical and we’re disappointed to hear that this customer had a negative experience. Given the information currently available, and without examining the specific product, it would be speculative to arrive at a conclusion as to the cause of the venting gas. Storage, usage and maintenance of the product would also need to be taken into consideration, as these factors can have significant impact on the performance of a torch. As customer safety is of top priority, Worthington will carefully consider this customer’s comments during periodic review of product performance and usage instructions.

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