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LED Flashlight
Yard & Garden
Outdoor Lighting
Flashlights or Battery-powered Lanterns (639)
LF, LLC    
Nothing written on product except Utilitech
Lowes or Home Depot
This date is an estimate
I was doing prep for hurricane Irma and checked my flashlight to see what type of batteries it uses. Saw it was "c" batteries and I clicked it on and off to see if it was working or if I needed to replace them. The flashlight didn't come on so I put it down and decided I needed new batteries. A few minutes later I thought I should test the batteries to see if they were really dead or if maybe something was wrong with the flashlight. I picked it up and the flashlight was burning hot! It's all metal. I quickly unscrewed the cap and dumped the batteries out onto the counter top and they were also burning hot! Good thing I only left this for a few minutes and didn't leave to go to the store. I don't know how hot it would have become and if it would have started a fire. A piece of plastic inside near the bulb appears to be melted but I do not know if that's normal for this flashlight or not. I saw someone else reported the exact same incident on 5/15/2013 with you so I figured I should report it also since I don't see an active recall.
Incident, No Injury
43 years
I will attempt to go to lowes today and see if they know anything since that's where the other reporter purchased theirs

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