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It is a set of bunk beds with a side of drawers, shelves on one end and a desk with a light and three drawers on the other end.
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Black Cherry Loft Bed-Laguna
SKU: 2901595
RC Willey's
We purchased a Black Cherry Loft Bed- Laguna, from RC Willey's, for our daughter in August of 2015. It has a desk with a light attached to it. The cord runs out the back of the desk and down across the head board of my daughter's bed where it plugs into the wall. A few weeks ago, she went to change the light bulb on this lamp. It sparked, blew the breaker, and her room filled up with smoke. We turned the breaker back on, and her room continued to fill up with smoke. My husband went to unplug the light and was shocked and the breaker blew again. When we flipped the breaker back again, we realized the cord was melted in many places and the copper wires were exposed. My husband's two fingers were blackened and burned slightly from unplugging the cord. This could have been a horrible situation!! This bed is still for sale on RC Willey's website!!! I contacted a sales person at RC Willey's. Sent them pictures of the cord and my husband's hand and never heard a word back from them.
Injury→Injury, No First Aid or Medical Attention Received
My Spouse
41 years
I contacted RC Willey's and never heard back from them.
File NameDescription
fullsizeoutput_1011.jpeg The cord of the desk light.
IMG_5647.JPG The cord coming out the back of the desk.
IMG_5649.JPG My husband's hand after unplugging the cord.
IMG_5650.JPG My husband's hand after unplugging the cord.

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