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Baby Crib- Sorrelle, Providence Collection, 4-in-1 Crib, Model 805-DE
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About Jan 2017, we purchased the Sorrelle Collection, Providence crib and Dresser at the Webster, Texas location of Buy Buy Baby. We now seriously regret our purchase. Friday night we heard our 12-month-old screaming in pain in his crib. We found him in a contorted position, with his lower left leg and ankle wedged to the point of immobility about halfway up in a decorative cutout on the CRIB BACKBOARD. He was so wedged in there, that even with two adults trying, we were only a few seconds away from calling the fire department when we finally got him loose.
After doctors and x-rays, our baby [REDACTED] has a BROKEN LEG. He is taking medicine to help with the pain and has to wear a cast.
We bought this product and assumed it was a good quality purchase that was safe for our son. It's obviously DANGEROUS FOR INFANTS. As parents, we never imagined that it would hurt our baby so badly. We are now left with a severely injured baby, a $500 unusable pile of wood (his crib), and the shock and dismay that we were misled into thinking our baby was safe in this product. I would like to understand how the backboard of this crib meets industry safety guidelines for child entanglement.
Injury→Injury, Seen by Medical Professional
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I emailed 3/11/2018, to response to date

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