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blackweb metal sync/charge cord
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Walmart Stores Inc.    
3/28/2018 This date is an estimate
we recently purchased a blackweb metal sync/charger cable from walmart for my daughter. yesterday i was outside when i heard her screaming. her charger was plugged into an adapter than into a power strip that was on the floor, somehow she tripped over the cord causing it to be pulled under the adapter causing it to contact both metal post that were plugged into the power strip electrifying the entire metal charging cord which at this point it was resting on the top of her foot causing pain, redness, a 2 large blister burns to the top of her foot it than continued to arc and melt until i pulled the power strip cord out of the wall. i feel that making a charging cord out of metal is not a good idea and that this could happen to anyone in fact after the incident i read some reviews that talked about the cord sparking and heating up. this product needs to be looked into and/or recalled before it hurts someone else or burns a house down, i have pictures of her foot and the cord/adapter but am having difficulties attaching them if someone could contact me so i can email or text them i would apprentice it also i checked that she was seen by a medical professional because my wife is a nurse practitioner and i am a professional firefighter paramedic
Injury→Injury, Seen by Medical Professional
My Child
15 years
but i cant find out who the manufacture is
Comment from Walmart Stores Inc. 6/6/2018
Please contact the Walmart Customer Service Hotline at 1.800.925.6278 and provide them with the details of the incident. Be sure to include UPC 68113116339 so that they can better assist you.

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