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Brown paper bag with Schlotzky's logo on outside of bag
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Purchased food item from Schlotzky's located in Schertz, Texas on June 13,2018. The left over food, which was two pieces of buttered bread still in the brown bag that Schlotzky's gives to the customer when ordered to go. I placed the bag in our office microwave and set it for 15 seconds. I stopped the microwave with about 3 seconds left by opening the microwave door, the bag was on fire. I removed the bag and put the fire out by slapping my hand on the bag. I immediately called the Schlotzky's location where I purchased the food and explained to the employee who answered the phone. As soon as I told him the bag caught fire he said "oh yea, they will catch on fire" the employee then suggested that he could speak to his manager and see if there was something they could offer me because of what happened and placed me on hold. About 3 to 4 minutes later, the manager picked up the phone and in a very rude tone introduced herself, I'm [REDACTED]. I started to explain again what had happened but she interrupted me by saying "why would you put the bag in the microwave", I continued by telling her that there is nothing printed on the bag that states DO NOT MICROWAVE OR PLACE IN OVEN. She responded by saying "well you should not have put the bag in the microwave". And that was the end of our conversation.
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57 years
Only called the location where purchased food
Comment from Schlotzsky's 7/11/2018
Schlotzsky’s is committed to the highest level of product quality and safety. We take incident claims very seriously. All alleged safety incidents, whether reported directly to us or submitted through the CPSC Incident Report database, are investigated. In this instance, Schlotzsky’s has not heard directly from the customer so we have been unable to further investigate this incident by examining the product at issue.

Schlotzsky’s has received no other complaints regarding a Schlotzsky’s paper bag catching fire in the microwave. We do not believe the Schlotzsky’s paper bags present a product safety issue. Like other similar paper bags in the market, this bag does not state that it is microwave-safe. The U.S. Department of Agriculture recommends only using “cookware that is specially manufactured for use in the microwave oven” and never using brown paper or plastic grocery bags in the microwave. Schlotzsky’s agrees with these recommendations.

Schlotzsky’s encourages all of our customers to report concerns or incidents to our Customer Service by calling (800) 846-2867.
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