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New couch from Lazy boy
Furniture, Furnishings & Decorations
Sofas, Couches, Davenports, Divans or Studio Couches (679)
La-Z-Boy Incorporated    
DLR 50869140, ACK 1805250030-006-001, Style 610491, C 134578
5/19/2018 This date is an estimate
I bought a couch from Laz-Boy that was delivered this past Saturday. The initial problem was the color was grey and not chocolate brown. I did notice a chemical new couch odor coming from it on delivery but did not realize the extent until I woke up the next morning with a severe headache and then half way down the stairs the couch odor was noticeably overpowering. The couch is in a closed environment and has taken over my 1200 sq ft home including the closets upstairs. I do not have an area to remove the couch to and it is currently in my living room covered with two sheets and two blankets trying to minimize the effects of the chemical odor it is emitting and it is still overpowering. I currently have daily headaches, my eyes and nose sting and have been noticing increasing shortness of breath going up the stairs the last three days. I am limiting my time downstairs where the new couch is and currently staying in a bedroom with the door closed. I have ceiling fans on downstairs and upstairs, I have the AC fan running continuously trying and force the odor out of my place. It is summer time so it is hard to leave the doors open but I have been waking up early in morning with headaches and leaving the front door open but it has to be closed all other times. I have been working with Laz-boy to get the couch out of here asap due to the overpowering odor. It was scheduled for Wednesday pick up but that fell through the cracks and is now scheduled for this Tuesday pick up. I question if that is going to happen. I am very concerned about the current and future toxic effects of this overpowering odor being emitted from the Laz-boy couch. I requested quality control to visit my home to help them understand this issue but they were not interested and I was told that the delivery/pick up crew with do the evaluation. I am having health issues from the odor being emitted from this couch and I believe that this should not be happening to me (or anyone else) just because I bought a new couch.
Incident, No Injury
61 years
Lazy boy contacted the manufacture.
Comment from La-Z-Boy Incorporated 8/27/2018
We are sorry this consumer is not happy with her purchase of a La-Z-Boy product. New furniture sometimes has a distinctive odor, which dissipates over time, and we recommend people bothered by it allow the furniture to air out.

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