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Bright Effects L65TN compact fluorescent light bulb. 65W 120 VAC 60 Hz 1.08A
UL# E170906
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Indoor Lighting
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Bright Effects
A compact fluorescent bulb from Bright Effects, model# L65TN began to overheat and melt causing burning hot plastic droplets to fall from the light.

The bulb was screwed into a standard ceiling mount glazed porcelain incandescent lampholder and was not in an enclosure.

I happened to be walking through my basement when I saw a little smoke coming from a The Home Depot bag. Puzzled how a bag could suddenly start smoking I opened the bag to see what was inside when I saw a flash of orange drop into the bag from above. I looked up and saw this bulb glowing a bright orange and smoking. I turned off the light switch and moments later the bulb stopped glowing.

After it cooled I removed the bulb from the lampholder and inspected it to find the bulb was melting from the heat and dripping burning plastic down.

This is clearly a fire hazard as if I hadn't been in the basement at that very moment, the bulb may have caught fire burning the wood the lampholder was mounted to and/or the dripping plastic may have started a fire below.
Incident, No Injury

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