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What happened is the light bulb above may bath room sink literally EXPLODED with a tremendous boom and fired of thousands of minute pieces of glass in all directions and tripped the breaker outside. Luckily no one was injured but there is no doubt that if i had been standing there looking at he mirror i would of been blinded. I have talked to Electricians and they have never heard of this happening. in the past i have always seen that when a light bulb burns out they just make a click or small pop, but this sound was as loud as a shot gun blast !
I am enclosing pictures of the light bulb screw base that blew our and an identical light bulb as the one that blew. there were three of these on the fixture and the one on the middle is the one that blew out.
I hope i don't have problems adding the pictures to this email
Incident, No Injury
Comment from Feit Electric Company, Inc. 8/14/2018
We have been producing incandescent light bulbs for over 40 years and we take product safety issues very seriously. The product referenced in the complaint is a 60W light bulb that we stopped making many years ago. We have no known safety issues with any of our incandescent light bulbs. When lit, traditional household light bulbs operate at high heat, which is normal. This heat is accompanied with elevated pressure inside the glass envelope. One possible reason why an incandescent light bulb can burst while in use is if the glass envelope is damaged or cracked. It is also possible, the sealant between the glass envelope and the base of the bulb can become brittle , which could result in a similar failure. Yet another reason for such a failure would be a power surge or a short circuit in the bulb and/or fixture. Without examining the failed bulb and fixture together we are unable to determine the precise reason the bulb failed.
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