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Adventure force red night racer remote control car. Model NQ-8201, 180001A, 2.4GHz. Distributed by Walmart
Toys & Children
Toy Vehicles (Excluding Riding Toys) (5021)
Walmart Stores Inc.    
Adventure force
180001A, NQ-8201
12/7/2018 This date is an estimate
Adventure force night racer remote controlled car was purchased from Walmart for my nephew for Christmas. On Christmas Day we put batteries into the device and after 2 hours of operation the remote control began to operate intermittently. We put the car up and got it out today. I put fresh AA batteries in the remote first and then proceeded to do the same with the car. While I was putting batteries in the car my nephew had the remote and was pushing buttons. Next he screams it’s getting hot and smoke starts coming out of the remote control. I quickly took the batteries out of the remote control which were to hot to touch. My nephew wasn’t burned badly but did have a red mark. I took the remote control apart and it appears that the red l.e.d. power indicator or the power switch on the remote is the cause of the short circuit. I will be returning this car to Walmart stores after I hear a response from this notice. This product was made in China and I have several pictures of this product. The item number on the remote is: 180002A. FCC ID: 2AHUVNQT0001. Other numbers are it’s a 2.4GHz and NQ-8201. On the car itself the numbers are: item number 180002A, 2.4GHz, NQ-8201. On the box the brand name is Adventure Force night racer and it has the item number of NQ-8201 stamped on it as well as distributed by Walmart. The instruction Manuel # 9318000, radio controlled buggy night racer, this Manuel covers model numbers 180000A, 180001A, and 180002A. This car had less than 2.5 hours of use on it. I feel this product could have started a fire and it burnt my nephews hand. I also placed a phone call into your agency regarding this issue.
Injury→Injury, No First Aid or Medical Attention Received
Other Relative
4 years
I contacted my local Walmart store.
Comment from Walmart Stores Inc. 2/22/2019
Dear customer, please contact 1800-925-6278 and provide details and identifying UPC/Item/model number of the product so that we can assist you.

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