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This consumer is contacting the hotline and creating this report on behalf of her parents who are both in the 80's and who purchased the washer being reported May 2017 from retailer in Maine.
December 27th, 2018 the caller's mother noticed that the washer had started up on its own as if it were attempting to drain water out that was not in it.
The washer was not in use before it began on its own any time.
When the incident occurred in the late night she disconnected the washer because although it was running there were no light on + no way to turn washer off. Had to unplug it.
The morning of December 28th, 2018 when the caller's mother reconnected the washer it started back up again although she did not turn it on. (Started up again after being plugged in for several minutes and my mom heard the washer start up on its own.)
She contacted the retailer because she did observe that this washer could be a severe fire hazard especially if they were sleeping or out of the house when it began running by itself.
The caller has stated that there are no injuries.
The manufacturer has been contacted but so far has offered nothing,

2/24/19 - Additional Information:

Since this report the washing machine started up on its own on 2-11-19 and my mom [REDACTED] had to unplug it.

Thank you

Incident, No Injury
My Parent
Comment from Sears Holdings Management Corporation 3/4/2019
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