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"my life as" Loft bed. Number on product is: PK06831-061118
20" long, 9.5" deep, 11.25" high. The box color is predominately pink and white. The box displays a warning hazard for small parts but nothing indicating sharp edges. "My Life As" is a trademark of Walmart, Inc. The item is made in China.
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My Life As
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I purchased the "my life as dolls bed set" for my granddaughter's upcoming birthday. After opening the shipping container, I was repositioning the toy bed to make room for additional gifts I plan to give my granddaughter. My hand grasped the toys cardboard packaging and moved to move the product. That's when my hand slipped a little and slid across the cardboard. As though my thumb had just come in contact with a razor blade, the beveled cardboard sliced a deep gash into my thumb. This is a child's toy and it's unfathomable that a company would package a product like this with a very serious hazard posed by the packaging itself. In my opinion, it is so sharp along the edge, a child handling this item would/could easily lacerate their fingers, arm or, heaven forbid, some other part of the anatomy where arteries are more easily threatened with injury.
Injury→Injury, First Aid Received by Non-Medical Professional
68 years
I plan to give the content to my granddaughter. It's the box (that in which the item is packaged that gives me concern and caused the injury). I notified Walmart but all they have asked me to do is contact their insurance company - which is closed today
Comment from Walmart Stores Inc. 2/22/2019
Dear customer, please call 1800.925.6278 and provide details and model numbers/UPC of the product so that we can assist you

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