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Brand: Baby Dee Dee
Product: Sleep Nest (Medium)
Description: "sleep sack" with center zipper, over-should button fasteners.
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Baby DeeDee LLC    
Baby Dee Dee
Sleep Nest (Medium)
This concerns an infant 'sleep sack' made by Baby Dee Dee. Our 8 month child was able to chew off the plastic 'tape' securing the top of the zipper to the cloth. He subsequently gagged on this, throwing up several time.

This seems like an obvious product flaw that is easily mitigated by using non-tape style zipper.
Injury→Injury, Level of care not known
My Child
0 years 8 months
Comment from Baby DeeDee LLC 3/19/2019
At baby deedee, safety is our top priority. All our products meet or exceed all CPSC requirements, including those requirements for small parts. We have had no similar complaints, but appreciate being informed of consumer issues, as it gives us the opportunity to address any concerns, and gain feedback on our products.

The customer has not reached out to baby deedee directly but following this complaint we have contacted him and are waiting to hear back.

Customers can always contact us at for any quality related issue or question. We stand by our product and will offer replacement or refund for any defect.
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sleepSack.jpg Picture of sleep sack showing missing plastic (right side) along with plastic still in place (left side of frame).

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