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Motorized bed frame that allows you to adjust the bed into various configurations. It can elevate the head, shoulder, legs, and lumbar via powerful motors.
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PPJ, LLC d.b.a. Customatic Beds    
Rize Bed
Mattress Firm 900
Mattress Firm
This issue impacts Rize Adjustable Frame beds including Mattress Firm 900 Adjustable Frame which is rebranded Rize frame.

Their adjustable bed frame offers smart phone integration using an iOS or Android Application. The smart phone app talks to the bed frame using blue tooth signal and empirically has a reach of 60+ feet. The signal penetrates most wall, floors, and cielings of condos and homes.

Unfortunately the smart phone integration has NO SECURITY so anyone with a smart phone can connect and control the bed remotely. In my case, I can control the bed on the 2nd floor from outside the house.

This creates a potential hazard for pets such as dogs and cats if the bed experiences unauthorized control. The dog or cat can get injured or experience death if it's caught by the bed frame. For example when the bed moves from elevated to non-elevated position it may crush the dog or cat that's underneath.

I called Mattress Firm and Rize directly and they both referred me to their warranty and customer service department run by customatic. I talked to Lauren from customatic but was told two things 1) she isn't willing to escalate the issue to get this looked at or fixed and 2) that its consumers responsibility to spot vulnerabilities and design oversight that may lead to safety issues. As a last resort, I'm reporting this issue here to warn other consumers about the safety issue with this bed.
Incident, No Injury
They didn't want to acknowledge this safety issue.

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